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Building an optimal succession and estate planning strategy for you and your family requires extensive groundwork. We not only look to understand your asset base and each family member's goals in terms of wealth growth and preservation, but also take time to understand the family dynamics and the potential threats to wealth across generations. This may extend beyond purely investable wealth to operating businesses and all other asset classes.

We also examine and fully document any existing fiduciary structures. This can allow us to highlight any administrative, technical or fiscal inefficiency in your current arrangements and help us to suggest ways in which your estate may be organised more effectively.


In our proposal for your estate and succession planning arrangement, we will aim to minimise or eliminate liability to estate and inheritance taxes while helping you to retain as much flexibility as possible in terms of access and control. When implementing a plan, we can work closely with your legal counsel, if you feel this is appropriate.

Once an appropriate trust structure has been established for you, our trust company can administer it on behalf of you and your family. This is staffed by experienced professionals who ensure that the high standards of fiduciary administration are applied.

Regular reviews are held to assess the trust provisions, the assets held and any changes in your family circumstances. In this way, we can ensure that the trust is optimally structured to accommodate the changing needs of your family, as well as any new developments in the tax or regulatory environment.

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