Asset Management
  Family Office & Private Banking
  Trust & Estate Planning

We provide a consolidated framework of managing family and inter-generational wealth, with the ability to address each family member's differing investment goals, risk profile and tax status.

Whether looking to establish a family office or require advice on the evolution of an existing arrangement, our dedicated team can assist in analysing the requirement of each member and the family as a whole.

We work actively with our investor families to establish and manage family offices in such a way that addresses not only their investment and fiscal requirements but also the governance of family dynamics that, left unstructured, can often be the most common cause of wealth dissipation.

We work closely with each investor to optimise the legal structures and vehicles that will form the basis of the office


structure - from simple concierge services to a more comprehensive range of asset management, business succession, governance and transactional support tailored to investors' needs.

We have developed relationships with the major global financial institutions and can provide access to all private banking services. These can include:

  Asset finance (including real estate, aircraft, and marine)
  Art and real estate advisory
  Liquidity management

We are independent and act in the best interest of our families. We can often procure more cost-effective terms than if the client were to approach a private bank directly.

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